The Winton Cultivator Leveller has been designed to combine the use of two implements in one pass of the paddock. The design overcomes the problem of conventional levellers where tractor wheel tracks remain behind the leveller and then when sown into grass the tractor marks are evident across the paddock for its life time. By setting the "S" tines at the desirable depth by the use of a hydraulic ram they rework the compacted soil left behind the tractor wheel marks so that the leveller creates an even finish over the entire paddock. In addition the "S" tines can be used either by them selves or in conjunction with the leveller to obtain the optimum seed bed with a minimum number of implement passes. While the "S" Tine depth is controlled by its separate hydraulics the leveller is controlled by the height of the tractor 3 point linkage on by the hydraulic control of the leveller rear wheels. Side Runners approx 3.6m long, overall lenght including drawbar approx 5.5m.

Key Features

  • 3m (10 Foot) to 3.6m (12 Foot) working width in single frame
  • 4m (13.3 Foot) to 6m (20 Foot) folding type
  • Superior paddock finish to any leveller on the market
  • Vee shaped front board to prevent soil side spillage and uneven surface finish
  • Wearskids to outer runners
  • 3 rows of 8 "S" tines with hydraulic height adjustment
  • Combines the function of Leveller and "S" Tine cultivator
  • Reduces time, fuel and tractor costs by combining functions
  • Available as Leveller of Leveller Cultivator combination unit
  • Folding leveller sizes manufactured to order
  • Hinges of folding leveller most robust on the market. (Don't be fooled by lighter variants)

Pricing excluding GST


Description Price
Winton Leveller 3m width $8670
Winton Leveller with Cultivator 3m width $11540
Winton Leveller 3.3m width $9090
Winton Leveller with Cultivator 3.3m width $12000
Winton Leveller 3.6m width $9735
Winton Leveller with Cultivator 3.6m width $12600
Winton Folding Leveller 6m width $20462
Winton Folding Leveller with cultivator 6m width $29800
Winton Heavy Duty Toolbar $  200
Additional Hoses to rear to operate wheels of hydraulic roller etc. $  325

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