The Winton Chisel Plough is designed to be used in crop ground instead of the conventional plough. Being able to work to a greater depth than a normal plough it breaks up the plough pan left by the conventional plough and aerates the soil to a greater depth. Some farmers prefer to use the Chisel Plough  in lea ground after it has been sprayed off due to it being faster and retains the high fertility top soil at the seed bed instead of turning it under.

Key Features

  • Standard sizes 11 - 15 Tine (2.5m - 3.5m) or 15 Tine (3.5m) working width
  • Bisalloy steel Tines & Toes for longer wearing
  • Shearbolt protection of all tines
  • Eliminates plough pans and compaction problems
  • Retains high fertility top soil at the seed bed

Pricing Excluding GST


Description Price
Winton Chisel Plough 2.5m width $6530
Winton Chisel Plough 3m width $6800
Winton Chisel Plough 3.5m width $8170

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