If you have a need for a change to a piece of machinery, require a new attachment to an existing machine or a whole new design for your application, we have the staff available to consult with, discuss your needs, design and draw to your specifications and then build the finished product.

Recent Design Examples

In addition to our range of equipment that we design and manufacture on our Products Page here a range of client one off designs recently completed.

Skid Release on Freezing Works Chain This required a system to release a single skid hook on an inclined rail so that only one hook was available at a  time for ease of collection by the operator thus speeding up the chain process. Winton Engineering designed a system using a pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic valves, proximity sensor operating a clamp and pin arrangement to achieve the desired outcome for the client.

Wool Press Transporter & Lifter This client required a trailer to transport a 700KG wool press and then lift it to varying heights up to 2.2 meters into shearing sheds. Winton Engineering designed a purpose built trailer fitted with a platform raised by screw threads via a drive system powered by an electric motor and controlled by limit switches and remote control to easily and efficiently achieve the objective.

Dairy Shed Molasses Feed Systems We have designed and installed a range of dairy shed feed molasses systems for both rotary and herringbone shed styles to meet the specific needs of our dairy farmer clients.

8 Row Contractor Ridger  An Agricultural Contractor client requested we design and manufacture an 8 row ridger for the ridging of swede crops in Southland that could be transported behind a tractor on the road. This required the designing of a two wing fold up ridger with its associated seed and manure delivery systems. Operated by hydraulic cylinders and motors and associated electric control valves the full system can be operated from the tractor cab.

6m Folding Roller & Air Seeder This again was a one of design for a folding Cambridge type roller with 6 m working width. The folding wings were designed to float up and down with the ground contour but also able to oscillate up and down within the wing frame. An air seeder was fitted as well to roll and seed the ground in a single pass.

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